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      Vbi Hector? Vbi Phryges?

         Vbi Priamus? Vnum quaeris: ego quaero omnia.


(Sêneca, Troades, vv. 571-2)

Genocide — Symphonic Holocaust (Blut und Nebel) - Maurizio Bianchi
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2014 guilherme gontijo flores

2016 translation by rob packer

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But what limbs does the cliff face leave us?
 Bones unpieced
 undid themselves in the fall
 his body’s illustrious marks
 the face the features of a noble father
 everything the thud on the deep 
earth confused 
in the tumble his neck snapped 
his open head exhaled
 his brain 
 a body
 lying there
In this too
 just like his father [S 1110]